Here’s What People Drunk-Shop For On Friday Nights

Photo: Getty Images.
Exorbitant heels and hundreds of dollars' worth of lingerie: Those might not exactly be garden-variety, everyday purchases, but apparently, they're what people snap up when filling their carts late on a Friday night. E-comm site Lyst compared online shopping habits on Monday versus Friday nights and found that bras and stilettos sell especially well at the close of a long work week, presumably after a couple of drinks, Racked reports. Lingerie sales are 50% higher on Friday nights versus Monday nights, Lyst found. And it's not just the quantities of lingerie ratcheting up at the end of the week, it's the price points: average Friday-night lingerie orders are 140% pricier than Monday-night hauls ($308 and $126, respectively). Shoe sales also double in that potentially tipsy haze of the week's end, and the shoes selected are 165% more expensive than those purchased on a Monday night. There's also a marked difference between spending sums overall on a "school night" versus after a night on the town: After midnight, sales are 30% higher on Fridays versus Mondays, and post-1 a.m., total TGIF-induced spending jumps up 40%. Another big late-Friday-night purchase, per Lyst: dresses. Friday night, after-midnight frock sales are 320% higher than those on Monday nights. Do your after-hours purchases reflect shopping patterns? We're certainly not knocking the tipsy allure of fetching new skivvies or a killer pair of shoes with the simple click of a button. But judging by the epic drunk-shopping stories we've gathered in the past, there are far weirder, "simply had to have it," inebriated impulse-purchases one can make...

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