It Turns Out Demi Lovato Doesn't Need A Stage To Sound Like A Rock Star

It's not like Demi Lovato has anything to prove to anyone. The woman has raw talent dripping out of her pores, which she's demonstrated time and time again. But we're still blown away by the pop star's ability to turn one lucky household's dining room into a world-class stage.
In this video from Thursday night's one-year anniversary episode of The Late Late Show, Lovato joins host James Corden to help celebrate the popular TV show's milestone. They set up shop at the Los Angeles home of some major fans of the show. While the lucky viewers had a great time chilling on the couch and playing hide-and-seek with Lovato — plus Colin Farrell, TV wildlife expert Jack Hanna, and his brood of critters — Lovato brought the experience to the next level when she turned their dining room into a concert hall.
The singer belted out her powerful Confident single "Stone Cold" for the small group, and she sounded awesome. Talk about a low-key performance! Have a listen for yourself. And, pro tip: If you hook your laptop up to some decent speakers and play this video while sitting on your living room couch, you can sort of pretend like Lovato's there IRL.

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