Britney Spears: American Dream & 15 Other Celebrity Apps You Need To Try

Business-savvy celebrities know where the money's at. While commercials and product endorsements are grand, now the trend is apps. From Demi Lovato to to the Kardashian clan, everyone has an app (or three) these days.
In fact, today Britney Spears is the latest to join the ranks. You can download her game Britney Spears: American Dream from the App Store or Google Play.
But not all apps are created equal. Some celebs have attached their names to fun, addictive games, while others have just turned their personal websites into things you can pay for in the App Store. Regardless, having an animated adventure with a celebrity never gets old.
We've checked out 16 of the best celebrity-endorsed apps and ranked them for your viewing pleasure. How does Britney Spears' new app fit into the rankings? Read on to find out.
This article was originally published on March 29, 2016.

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