"Trumping" Is The Makeup Technique You Didn't Know You Needed

Contouring (along with its different iterations), strobing, and color-correcting can all take a backseat — because there's a new makeup technique making the rounds. And it's one that actress Tess Paras of The CW's Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has brilliantly coined "Trumping."

What goes into this new Donald Trump-inspired look sweeping the nation? Look no further than Paras' very informative, very hilarious makeup tutorial. Start out with a concealer that's about 10 shades lighter than your skin tone, Paras recommends. "You can use any shade that's really light and makes you look dehydrated," she says in the video. Her hue of choice is called "Veiled White Supremacy," of course.

Next, she moves on to the lips. Her one requirement there is to use something that makes you look like "you've been running your mouth all day." Last, but not least, we have the all-important bronzing step. After you're done applying what must be an orange-tinted powder (because, duh), grind up some Cheetos and throw those on your face for the final, glistening touch.

To be clear: We don't stand for taking jabs at anyone's looks (a conviction that Trump clearly does not share), but this satire, meant to criticize his politics more than his appearance, is pretty damn entertaining. Paras told Mic, "After watching the amazing John Oliver segment on Trump, I was inspired. All I could think about was how so many people aren't taking a closer look at all the irresponsible, inflammatory, and xenophobic things he says. I thought that a beauty-vlogger character would be a fun vehicle to really draw attention to that. If it's easy for all of us to criticize a woman for the precision of her eyeliner, we can make the effort to hold a mirror up to Donald Trump for his actions."

Check out the video above, and prepare, in the words of Paras, to "make your face great again."

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