How To Show Off Your Favorite Features This Spring

We're all so used to hearing what to do — or, rather, what not to do — when it comes to getting dressed, that we oftentimes forget that clothing should be fun. Considering we're all about breaking the fashion rules here at R29, we'd say there's no such thing as "what not to wear" — regardless of personal style, body shape, or any other factor that people may consider a reason to avoid a certain piece.
Since spring is all about baring a little skin (rather than piling on the layers), what better time than now to stop avoiding particular items and instead just go for it — and let our clothing actually show off the features we love (because, let's be real, we all play favorites)? The moment is now to give your best assets (whether it's your shoulders, behind, or legs) their much-deserved moment in the spotlight. Ahead, you'll find warm-weather pieces that will do just that. If you've got it, flaunt it — right?