22 Nostalgic Dr. Seuss Quotes That Will Bring You Back To Childhood

Dr. Seuss is a literary legend.
He produced almost 50 books during his lifetime, gave life to dozens of fantastical characters, and inspired millions of people with his ingenuity and creativity. Born Theodor Geisel on March 2, 1904, he would be celebrating his 112th birthday today. He, of course, has continued to live immortally on our bookshelves since his passing in September of 1991.
From How the Grinch Stole Christmas to The Lorax to Green Eggs and Ham to The Butter Battle Book, the list of classics seems never-ending. What made Seuss so impactful was not only the unique characters he imagined, but also the uplifting messages in each story.
The silliness of each world he created at times trumped the morals of the stories. There was more to, say, The Grinch, than his mischievous antics. He represented redemption, tolerance, and the importance of kindness. His heart grew three-times its size when he realized that being a 'grinch' was lonely, togetherness was part of the true meaning of Christmas, and it felt much better to give than receive (or steal.) Kids remember stuff like that. Adults, too. The book is also full of traditional Christmas symbols, secretly woven throughout Seuss' imaginary Whoville world.
In addition to children's morals, he also had a lot to say on a variety of social and political issues. He did, after all, write and illustrate over 400 political cartoons for a liberal publication, PM, in New York during his career.
His tales transcend typical "story time," especially when you have the pleasure of rereading and hearing them as an adult. Here are 22 quotes from Dr. Seuss that will instantly transport you back to the good old days.

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