Yes, You Can Wear A Hawaiian Shirt Without Looking Like A Tourist

In the past year or so, we've seen pretty much every '90s trend we loved, didn't mind, and really couldn't stand make its way back into our closets; everything from anklets and mood rings to crop tops and mom jeans. But there is still one style mainstay from the decade we haven't seen rise from the dead — until now. Remember those tropical, hibiscus flower-printed tops that are usually associated with lost tourists? Well, they're back — with a high-fashion twist, of course.
At Trademark's fall/winter 2016 New York Fashion Week presentation, designers Louisa and Pookie Burch showed a collection that was colorful, familiar-yet-surprising (Yes, that's an oxymoron, but trust us.), and completely wearable. But scattered among the bibbed blouses and mules in patterns practically pulled from The Brady Bunch were Hawaiian prints on blouses and dresses, as well as embroidered detailing on sweatshirts and coats. It is the perfect way to wear the aloha style without looking like you're wearing a Halloween costume.
If you're currently on the East Coast, you could probably use a vacation right Let these summery looks inspire you (and help convince you that this is a '90s style you want in your closet come next season. Just be sure to leave your camera and fanny pack at home.

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