Which '90s Jewelry Trends Are Primed For A Comeback?

Depending on who's counting, we're nearly a decade into '90s nostalgia — a zeitgeist that's brought us the return of everything from Soundgarden-fan flannels to Narciso Rodriguez–esque sleek minimalism. On the accessories front, one glance at the Coachella crowd will tell you that round sunnies, septum rings, and chokers are rapidly approaching peak saturation. So, are there any '90s accessories that haven't already been unearthed? Uh, did the dude from the New Radicals love a bucket hat?

Ahead, we ID'd eight jewelry trends that haven't been revived yet and thus are due for a comeback quicker than you can say "nostalgia coma." Click through for the trends that'll be blowing up Tumblr in 5, 4, 3...
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Photographed by Christine Hahn.
Baby Barrettes
Along with a copy of Gender Trouble and homemade slogan tees about patriarchy, this is the one accessory no riot grrrl would ever be without. Make sure to buy in multiples so you can layer — and you can never go wrong with a little glitter.
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Photographed by Christine Hahn.
Bondage Cuffs
A forever staple among a certain set (who probably have strong feelings about Fifty Shades), the bondage cuff is also a high-school punk-rock staple. This miminalist version in sleek Lucite is a world away from the faux-leather Hot Topic cuffs of our youth.
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Photographed by Christine Hahn.
Lip Rings
The nostrils and septum were the sites of the first wave of '90s-nostalgic piercings, but we think the next wave belongs to the spider-bite piercing. Lip rings have a certain skater-girl allure, especially when worn in jewel-toned stacks.

Claire's lip rings.
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Photographed by Christine Hahn.
Mood Rings
Mood rings weren't born in the '90s, but Gen Xers nursed an obsession with all sorts of '70s trends, from ringer tees to printed polyester. So, these baubles were frequently spotted in multiples on the fingers of '90s mall kids and club kids alike. Bonus points if yours permanently read "disaffected."

Lady Grey circular ring; Marlo Laz opal ring; Claire's pinky ring.
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Photographed by Christine Hahn.
Alien Jewelry
Paws up if you recall the simple joy of taking your mom's grocery-store change to the toy machine and wondering whether you'd get a tattoo choker, a plastic yin-yang ring, or a sheet of alien stick-on earrings.

Blame The X-Files or untold repeats of Unsolved Mysteries, but the alien-face motif was major in the '90s — and oddly forgotten now. Embrace it with a more grown-up take on the trend that's guaranteed not to fall off your ear in a parking lot.

Adeam top.
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Photographed by Christine Hahn.
Belly Chains
Belly chains of old were the ultimate in girly delicacy — just see Mariah circa "Butterfly" for proof. But, the new-school take is more tough-girl — and a million times cooler when not accompanied by a belly-button charm (sorry, Britney).

L. Jardim belly chain; Veda skirt.
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Photographed by Christine Hahn.
G-Shock Watches
Watches used to be delicate pieces of jewelry you were terrified of accidentally banging into a wall or subway pole. But, in 1983, Casio changed all that by inventing the tough-as-nails, water-resistant G-Shock, an immediate hit that, by the mid-'90s, was as essential a hip-hop accessory as Tommy Hilfiger jeans and a pair of Tims.

Vince top; Tripp NYC pants.
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Photographed by Christine Hahn.
Slap Bracelets
Brace yourselves: The number-one reason your wrists hurt and your teacher had a migraine in 1990 is back. Try not to obsessively take it off and crack it on and you should get through this revival welt-free. This version says "Whatever" and is available at Claire's, which is the hat trick of '90s-nostalgia.

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