All Victoria’s Secret Models Wear The Same Thing On Dates

Is there really such a thing as looking "effortless?" Maybe not, since any look requires some effort (right?). But those Victoria's Secret's Angels have got looking like they didn't try down pat. Their perfectly disheveled waves and consistently on-point travel outfits have us scratching our heads and wondering why we don't look like that heading to the airport.
So when we had the chance to ask a few of these bombshells what they'd wear on a first date, we couldn't wait to get the scoop on how to look like we just stepped off the runway for date night. The result, though, was eerily consistent. Why? Because they all had practically the same answer: jeans and a tee.
Yep, when you're over 6-feet tall and blessed with good genes (and personal trainers), that's all it takes to woo a new mate. Have we been overthinking it this whole time? Maybe. And though we like to get a little more creative with our first-date looks than the unofficial VS model uniform dictates, click on to see their responses, as well as our takes on those suggestions.

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