Beyoncé Wore $1,300 Shoes Yesterday, Her Backup Dancers Wore $200 Ones

Last night, Beyoncé emerged in the midst of a free-love Coldplay performance during the Super Bowl 50 halftime show, breaking it down and calling her ladies to "get into formation." But, like everything Queen Bey does, each move of her short-but-sweet kickass cameo was calculated, all the way down to the outfit selections.
There was a lot to parse. For one, Beyoncé's Michael-Jackson-inspired Dsquared2 leather jacket was a throwback to the King of Pop's Super Bowl look in '93. Her backup dancers, too, paid homage to the Black Panthers, 50 years after the Black-rights group was formed to combat police brutality just a few miles away from Levi's Stadium, in Oakland. Then, of course, there was that moment in the middle of a major dance-off with Bruno Mars, when the unflappable Bey almost took a tumble.

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First things first: Yes, she tripped. But she saved it more gracefully than any other human being could possibly have mustered. Secondly: As most girls would, we're going to blame it on the shoes (because we know how hard it is to walk in heels, let alone complete an entire dance routine). Maybe $1,295 Christian Louboutin boots aren't the best choice of footwear for grooving in the middle of a football stadium. We'd assume they also aren't practical wear-all-the-time shoes, either, but the everyday woman seems to disagree, considering they have already sold out on Net-A-Porter.

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Bey's crew, though, took a more sensible approach to their kicks, wearing similar-in-aesthetic but definitely not in price Dr. Martens to get into formation. The $160 pair of boots matched the tough-girl vibes of the act, minus the difficult-to-wear factor. But why did her backup dancers get shoes that cost a fraction of the price of hers? The answer is likely simple: When you're Beyoncé, you march to the beat of your own drum Louboutins. Sure, she may have been better off playing it safe in a pair of Docs. Then again, playing it safe isn't really her style, is it?

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