Icelandair Wants To Give You A “Stopover Buddy” — For Free!

Icelandair just added a new perk to its list of stopover extras: Free friends. Now through April 30, Icelandair passengers can request a "Stopover Buddy," reports Mashable.

But what exactly is a "Stopover Buddy," you ask
? It's an Icelandair employee who will accompany a traveler — for free — on various adventures in Iceland. It's like having your own local tour guide who's ready to go skiing, cooking, or horseback riding. Icelandair already offers transatlantic passengers the option to make a stopover in Iceland for up to seven days at no additional charge. The "Stopover Buddy" perk is a new incentive to get passengers to partake in Iceland's tourism market. There are different Stopover Buddies for every interest (culture, lifestyle, food, and even health) — so you'll never be bored. And each Buddy has a 30-second video showing his or her unique Icelandic adventure, like Inga Ósk Ólasfdóttir, a travel consultant and Food Buddy. "I love to cook, especially fresh Icelandic fish," Ólasfdóttir says in her short video. "If I was your Stopover Buddy, we'd go on a boat, catch some fish, cook it together, and have a great time!" In a longer video ad, Icelandair employees stand in beautiful spots around Iceland and ask potential passengers to join them. You can even request that Icelandair CEO Birkir Hólm Guðnason personally join your adventure, which he announces in the ad video while sitting on a snowmobile. So if you didn't already have a reason to visit Iceland, now you have a bunch.

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