Loonette The Clown From The Big Comfy Couch Looks Amazing In Grown-Up Pics

The '90s were home to a smorgasbord of wacky children's television, but for many, the preschool series The Big Comfy Couch had it all when it came to the beloved (and definitely bizarre) programming of years past. The Canadian import focused on the adventures of Loonette the Clown, who solved everyday problems from the comfort of her — you guessed it — couch. She had help from her handy doll, Molly, and a rotating cast of other kooky characters, including Granny Garbanzo, a cat named Snicklefritz, deliveryman Major Bedhead, and some talking dust bunnies. But what happened to the original little Loonette, a.k.a. actress Alyson Court? According to MTV News, which described the actress as having quite the lengthy résumé, an eclectic mix of career opportunities came her way. She was the voice of Lydia Deetz on the animated TV show Beetlejuice from ’89 to ’91, she played Priscilla Presley in the mockumentary Elvis Meets Nixon, and she’s the voice of Claire Redfield in several of the Resident Evil video games, for starters. According to her LinkedIn page, she's been a voice director since September 2014 and is also a writer and producer. And thanks to the magic of Twitter, we can also tell you that's she's grown up lovely and not without a sense of humor about her clown-clad past.
The clown nose will go on.
And come Halloween, it just might get the zombie treatment. (What would Molly the dolly think?)
Her son, on the other hand...
...will dress up as a vengeful Molly, instead.

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