When Flying Is Actually Cheaper Than Taking A Train

Photo: Getty Images.
Saving money on your commute usually means shopping around for the best gas prices or, depending on your post-work energy level, taking up biking. But one teenager in the U.K. found that the most cost-effective way for him to travel from a work event in Sheffield, England, to his home in Essex (a three-hour journey by train), was to book a flight — with a layover in Berlin.
Jordon Cox, nicknamed the Coupon Kid for his penny saving prowess, was able to take a bus and short train ride to the airport and hop on a flight to Berlin for 20.03 pounds, or $28.79. After some sightseeing in the city and a plane trip back home, Cox had spent. 44.07 pounds ($63.34) — including transportation and food. Since the train ticket from Sheffield to his home in Essex cost 51.79 pounds, he saved about 8 pounds. Plus, he had a lot more Instagram-worthy moments.
This isn't the first time a money-savvy commuter has found that flying was actually a cheaper way to travel. Last summer, Sam Cookney saved money by commuting by plane from his home in Barcelona, Spain, to his job in the U.K., instead of springing for exorbitant London rents.
Hey, it might not be the most efficient way to get where you're going, but at least Cox and Cookney didn't have to contend with rush hour traffic.

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