Baby Haute Couture Is A Thing (& Here Is 10 Minutes Of It In Action)

There comes a day in every person's life when they reach a point where "You'll grow out of it by next year" stops becoming an excuse. And then — the joy! — you can finally start looking at clothes in price points just above disposable. It's a super-important time for fashion people: when you're confident that your height is going to be your height forever, and you can finally move from thrift store overalls and big-box retailer sweatshirts to name-brand labels that'll "last."
But for some humans, not being able to justify expensive clothes because you're still growing is never really a problem. Those humans have never tried to justify to their parents that a certain rhinestone tee shirt is really stretchy — honest — and would look good as a crop top later. They've probably never had to only look for new shoes in a half-size too big. Those humans would probably outfit themselves in Bonpoint, the premiere Parisian brand for growing people (a.k.a. babies, children, and late-bloomer teens who need an Easter dress). Clothing can go up to $1,500 for a children's fur — because, of course — and individual pieces start at a cool three digits. But no matter how luxurious, how expensive, and how surreally grown-up the prices are, the runway show isjustsocuteyouguysseriously. Tune in above at 10:30 a.m. EST to catch this year's haute couture show in action.

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