How This Man Gave Up The Female Gender

Throughout childhood and adolescence, Alexander Rorabaugh saw the International Church of Christ as the center of his life. “Everything I did and everyone I knew was through that church,” he says. “All my friends, every social activity I had.” But that was before he realized he wasn't like other girls at church. Alexander — Xander for short — is a 23-year-old transgender man, now six months into his transition from female to male. He loves noticing the gradual changes that have happened since he started testosterone shots: an ever-deepening voice, mood changes, increased muscle mass, and an elevated sex drive, to name a few. "I certainly feel like I understand teenage boys better now," Xander said. Even though Xander is content now, surrounded by supportive friends, the journey from devout Christian girl to trans man wasn’t an easy one. Watch the video above to hear Xander’s story. This story is one of three in the Purge series, sharing individual tales of letting go in the new year.

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