A Machine-Washable Bridal Collection Is Now An Actual Thing

When I was little, I remember finding a giant, white cardboard box in my mother's closet. Inside sat her poofy, pale pink, and very '80s wedding dress, folded up, sealed away, and most likely never to be worn again.
Today, the idea of an expensive and emotionally significant gown being thrown in the back of our wardrobe for eternity just isn't an option — and neither is spending a lot of money. Modern brides are all about minimalism in the widest sense, from silhouette and material, to functionality and cost. And the good news is that brands and designers are starting to listen, with one in particular really nailing down what cool brides want.
Meet Nashville, TN-based Elizabeth Suzann's new bridal line. "The White Collection was born from our dissatisfaction with the feeling of excess, overstimulation, and clutter," the brand says. And with that in mind, its selection of dresses and separates, which focuses on simplicity, clean lines, decadent fabrics, and thoughtful details, was established — with prices ranging from $350 to $1,150. And, with the exception of one dress, all of the pieces can be thrown into — yes — the washing machine.
But perhaps the most respectable (and useful!) idea behind The White Collection is that it's not meant to be limited to just your big day; Suzann intends for the pieces to be an integral part of the bride's wardrobe, from the rehearsal dinner and wedding, to the honeymoon and beyond. It makes sense, when you think about it: Why shell out the price of an apartment on a dress you only plan to wear once, when you could score an equally-as-gorgeous (but way more affordable) look that you can wear for years to come?
If you're a bride who wants anything but the frills and fuss of a traditional wedding gown, click on to peek at this game-changing collection. Whether you're in the midst of dress shopping or are only in the Pinterest-board stage, these goods might have you completely rethink your bridal aesthetic.