Your Most Annoying Tights Problem, Solved

Photo: Courtesy of Wade & Bell.
Tights fall into the love-hate category of our closet. Yes, they can make skirts, dresses, and other leg-baring pieces work in the dead of winter — but sometimes, they feel like they're more trouble than they're worth, with all those runs, saggy crotches, and toe holes we suffer through. One of the biggest annoyances so horrible that it turns skirt-and-dress lovers into pants people in the winter? The absurdly tight waistband. Seriously. There's a reason girdle companies have to pay people to wear them. While some have even resorted to cutting the waistband off completely to make tights more bearable, we're looking at a less DIY alternative: Wade & Belle's aptly named "Not Too Tights." They feature a thicker, looser waistband that promises a "no-pinch waistband" and "no love handles" while also staying in place. Similar to the top of your most comfortable yoga pants, these tights "have a patented waistband that will lay perfectly flat against your midsection, leading to smooth lines underneath all your clothes." Plus, unlike other luxe pairs, these ring in at a budget-friendly $20. So if you're still looking to stock up on for the cold-weather months (or if you desperately need to replace worn-and-torn pairs), we say it's time to give these (whether in plain, diamond, or polka dot) a spin. The tights gods have officially spoken.

Wade & Belle
Not Too Tights, $19.99, available at Wade & Belle.

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