Is Beyoncé REALLY The Queen Of The Illuminati & Other Conspiracy Questions

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You've heard of the Beygency, right? It's the subject of a hilarious Saturday Night Live parody mocking an all-seeing organization that will come for you if you trash talk Queen Beyoncé.
But what if there was a far more insidious organization pulling the strings of our favorite pop diva? What if she was really just part of a massive conspiracy to control celebrities, politicians, and athletes, all while brainwashing normal people for world domination?
Enter: the Illuminati (which may have taken over the Cash Me Outside girl's Instagram).
Here's the truth: The Illuminati was once a real thing. It was a Bavarian secret society founded in 1776, organized like the Freemasons. It opposed the Roman Catholic Church's power and wanted to free itself from both the church and government restrictions.
The Order of the Illuminati became super popular — and grew from just five members to thousands. But the problem with popularity is that it's hard to remain secret. Eventually, secret societies were made illegal and punishable by death. This forced them to split up into smaller splinter groups. And while the Illuminati have reappeared in various forms over the years, it has never held the level of control control over society that conspiracy theorists believe.
Unfortunately, these facts haven't stopped the internet from conjuring up some of the most insane — and incredibly creative — Illuminati conspiracies ever, which are mostly fueled by Christian fundamentalists who believe the Illuminati's New World Order would be a sign of the coming of the Antichrist.
But lots of people believe in this stuff. Like 23% of voters, actually. Just type "Beyoncé Illuminati" in Google and you'll get over a million hits.
Every celebrity you hold dear is an Illuminati. Every celebrity who's ever died a tragic death was murdered by the Illuminati. And it's all to bring in a "New World Order" — in secret (because not everybody needs to know your business).
So we decided to take a look at the craziest, wildest, most-insane Illuminati conspiracy theories, and fact-check them. No, we can't straight up call Beyoncé on the phone and ask if she worships Satan for her secret society the same way we can ask about a juice cleanse. But we've attempted to point out the fine line between logic and paranoia.
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Theory: Obama is a puppet of the Illuminati, according to the lead singer of Korn.

This is a long story, so brace yourselves. In 2015, President Obama presented army officer Florent Groberg with a Medal of Honor for his bravery in battle. Obama began his speech with the following statement: “I am not the lead singer of Korn.” What?!

Here's what had happened. Officer Groberg had been injured in an explosion. When he awoke, Korn frontman Jonathan Davis was at his bedside. He had been visiting war heroes to pay his respects.

Of the incident, Davis said, "The president giving me a shoutout… it’s kind of surreal, bro.” But back in 2011, Davis had called Obama a puppet of the Illuminati! What does Davis believe?
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Theory: Taylor Swift's album reputation proves she's a reptile-worshipper.

Does this teaser video for "Look What You Made Me Do" indicate that Swift has reptile blood, or worships it? The youtuber TruthNeverSleeps noticed that at one point, the snake appears to split in two, and posited that a daemon appears on the right-hand side of the screen. "This is who she worships," says Truthneversleeps. "No denying it."
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Theory: Madonna's 2015 VMA performance was actually proof of her Illuminati membership.

Our noses started sniffing hints of the Illuminati when Madge released a song called "Illuminati" in 2014.

Then, during the 2015 Grammys, she performed "Living For Love" while wearing a horned silver crown and traipsing amongst minotaurs. Conspiracists called her the dark witch of the Illuminati.
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So, was Madonna's Grammys performance an acknowledgement that she's in the Illuminati?

Probably not. Madonna does know what the Illuminati actually were. In an interview with NME, she said, "People often accuse me of being a member of the Illuminati, but the thing is, I know who the real Illuminati are and I know where that word comes from." The interviewer states she went on to discuss Enlightenment-era philosophers and scientists in the "real" Illuminati. Bah! Another theory bites the dust.
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Theory: Taylor Swift is actually Zeena LaVey, Satanist.

Zeena LaVey is quite an accomplished woman. She's an artist and musician. She was the high priestess of the Church of Satan between 1985-1990. And she also has essentially the same face as Taylor Swift.

While the resemblance is mostly appearance-based, fans have been going through Swift's videos for proof of their connection.

Evidence: As Swift grows older, she looks more and more like Zeena LaVey. She's either been replaced by a clone, or she's aging.
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So, is Taylor Swift Zeena LaVey?

She has been out of the public eye for some time. Maybe she's not writing her album. Maybe she's plotting world domination, or tracking her path to the top of the Satanist Church again.

In all actuality, I think we safely say no, she's not. If Swift were actually LaVey, she'd have embedded mass hypnosis into her songs, duh.
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Theory: President Trump’s hand gestures are secret code for his Illuminati membership.

As you now well know, 100 days into his presidency, Trump is known for making erratic hand gestures during his speech. Don’t write these off as New Yorker mannerisms so quickly, though. This YouTuber, Shane, is sure that his hand contortions are actually signals for the Illuminati. Trump frequently uses the same V-Shaped hand signal, which is long associated with Devil worshippers.

Illuminati conspiracists have long read between the lines of American politics. The same conspiracists who claim that Kennedy’s assassination was caused by the Illuminati are sure to claim that Trump is tied to the group, too. In fact, in 2016, Trump was sued by Janis and Gregory Kaighn for his alleged connection with covert dictatorships that run the world. Their lawsuit states it plainly: “Donald Trump is ineligible to run for president because he is plainly a member of the New World Order.” The Kaigns think that Trump has been communicating with a secret conspiracy that has existed since the Roosevelts, and hand signals are only physical manifestation of his involvement.
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So is Donald Trump really in the Illuminati?

It would be nice to chalk Trump's presidency up to the New World Order and global conspiracies. In reality, his election probably isn't so easily explained away.

But the more this presidency looks like something predicted out of an episode of the Simpsons, the fearful symmetry will have us all making tin foil hats in no time.
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Theory: Lady Gaga was an Illuminati slave — but now, she's free.

Everyone loves a redemption story, even Illuminati conspiracy theorists. Lady Gaga was literally called an "Illuminati Puppet" on the blog "The Vigilant Christian" back in 2009. But after years of being pimped out by the Illuminati and throwing symbolism everywhere, Lady Gaga is finally breaking free.

Evidence: Where to begin? First, Lady Gaga's name is proof that she's Illuminati. How? Because her name isn't Lady Gaga. It's just a persona, which probably means that it's a "demonically inspired spirit alter" that allows her to be controlled by the devil. She's always covering on eye or framing an eye, and that's the ultimate proof that the Illuminati is afoot! Theorists believe that when pop stars cover or frame an eye, they're alluding to the occult's all-seeing eye.

In addition to the eye framing and secret demon spirit, Lady Gaga also likes to wear horns on her head. Major Illuminati flags! Horns are a throwback to Baphomet, a goat-headed demon creature. Lady Gaga also used to have blood on her body on stage (blood sacrifice symbolism, much?) and she's super sexual (because of the demon inside her). She also kills people in videos, almost had hints of blood and semen in her signature perfume, and calls her followers monsters. Theorists even say her song "Bad Romance" is about her relationship with Satan. Clearly, there's a lot of evidence against Gaga.

The good news for theorists? She's now dropping knowledge about the Illuminati everywhere she goes. They just hope she isn't their next blood sacrifice!
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So was Lady Gaga REALLY in the Illuminati?

The evidence is pretty harshly stacked against her, but there's a reasonable explanation for just about everything.

Singers, and performers in general, often have personas, an identity that they assume on stage. Sure, it's a little crazy, but everyone from David Bowie to Bob Dylan and even Lana Del Rey have used personas. And Gaga's been playing the role of different personas since she was a preteen.

Lady Gaga loves to use Christian and Hindu symbolism, and to hint at the duality of man. That's not a Satanic symbol, but it is a common one used throughout film and literature over centuries.

Buzzfeed even broke down all the symbolism from her last album in comparison to her first two (Fame and The Fame Monster, which explore the different sides of fame, not necessarily the Illuminati).

If anything, Lady Gaga belongs to the cult of Andy Warhol. She's been obsessed with his art and the idea of fame being packaged for years. And like any artist, she's changed over time, becoming less enamored with the music industry and doing her own thing with legends like Elton John and Tony Bennett.

So basically, Lady Gaga is weird and obsessed with pop culture. She's even disgruntled with the music industry. But she's not trying to take over the world as a member of a secret society.

(Also, that's fake blood, so...)
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Theory: The Illuminati killed Michael Jackson — and Tupac, JFK, Princess Diana, Marilyn Monroe, and every other icon.

How much control does the Illuminati have? So much that it's gotten away with murder! Allegedly. According to conspiracy theorists, the Illuminati has killed every major figure and icon you can think of — from Abraham Lincoln to Michael Jackson.

Evidence: In the case of Michael Jackson, Illuminati conspiracy theorists say the signs were EVERYWHERE, especially in the symbols from his music videos. Theorists believe that as Jackson grew more famous and more autonomous, the Illuminati was just not having it! The final nail in his coffin? When he bought the ATV publishing catalogue back in 1984. That purchase gave Jackson the publishing rights to most hit songs by the Beatles, Little Richard, and others.

As Kanye said, "No one man should have all that POWER." And apparently, the Illuminati felt the same way. So it slowly destroyed his reputation and his career. Then, it killed him.

The most damning piece of evidence? His own son saying this in court about Jackson: "After he got off the phone, he would cry. He would say, 'They're going to kill me, they're going to kill me.'"

There are even reports that his daughter, Paris, is next on the Illuminati hit list and sending secret messages about the organization.

The trajectory is the same for basically every icon on the above list: become super powerful, start to do good or think for themselves, the Illuminati straight up hate that, so it kills you. Also, because of Illuminati numerology, celebrity deaths always come in groups of three. So that solves that riddle.
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So did the Illuminati REALLY kill Michael Jackson (and everyone else)?

Probably not. Michael Jackson had a long-documented history with drug addiction. Most people believe Jackson began abusing painkillers after his grisly accident during a Pepsi commercial, when his head and scalp caught fire.

Also, Dr. Conrad Murray killed Michael Jackson. Sure, there are people claiming that he was a Freemason online, but Freemasons and Illuminati are totally different. And what does being a Freemason have to do with a doctor's horrible malpractice and manslaughter?

Yes, Conrad Murray is already out of jail. No, he wasn't charged with murder. But since there was never evidence that Jackson's death was premeditated, that's the best the criminal justice system could do.

Seriously, the only thing Michael Jackson and Tupac have in common — other than being crazy talented and changing music forever — is that they now have holograms.
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Theory: Boy Meets World was full of Illuminati symbolism — and so is Girl Meets World.

How evil is the Illuminati? So evil that it has managed to infiltrate beloved TV shows like Boy Meets World. Say it ain't so, Topanga!

Evidence: First of all, there's an entire Tumblr dedicated to preaching the Boy Meets World/Girl Meets World-Illuminati connection. Unfortunately, it had to stop because "the police constantly checks this website every day," and we all know who runs the police, right? THE ILLUMINATI.

Apparently, there are satanic, Masonic, and occult symbols throughout both shows. Topanga, played by Danielle Fishel, did weird things like interpretive dance while drawing occult symbols on her face with lipstick.

If that's not proof enough, Rowan Blanchard once did a peace sign around her eye on Instagram, and Danielle Fishel made a heart sign with her hands, which looks a lot like a pyramid/triangle/Illuminati symbol.

Also, Drake once referenced Boy Meets World in a song — and he's CLEARLY Illuminati, the math yourself.
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So is Girl Meets World the second generation of Illuminati propaganda?

Guys, I can't. Really? It's a show about a girl going through puberty. That's the hidden meaning.

Honestly, the only truly shocking thing about Boy Meets World is that Topanga picks Cory over Shawn Hunter and his perfect hair.
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Theory: Kanye is TOTALLY in the Illuminati — and it staged that Taylor Swift moment.

Kanye, also known as Yeezus, is all over the Illuminati radar. His lyrics, style, and music videos are all proof that he's really a top-level Illuminati member. Oh, and it made that awkward Taylor Swift moment happen on purpose, because she's Illuminati too, obviously.

Evidence: As far as theorists are concerned, every time Kanye West opens his mouth, he's spewing Illuminati secret messages. Kanye is known for songs like "Jesus Walks" and "I Am A God." Even his nickname, Yeezus, which is Yeezy combined with Jesus, is straight up blasphemy. His son with Kim Kardashian is named Saint. Kanye also appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone depicted as Jesus before his crucifixion with a crown of thorns. Why all the blaspheming? Because ILLUMINATI.

Kanye also has a preoccupation with symbols; like the all-seeing eye, also known as the “eye of Horus;" and the pyramids. He often makes a diamond or pyramid shape with his hands, which many theorists believe is secret messaging from the Illuminati. Kanye even wears a giant Horus chain around his neck on occasion.

Music videos like "Power" and "Runaway" are the biggest Illuminati culprits, chock-full of occult symbols. This site actually did an almost shot-by-shot breakdown of all the symbols in the video, and it's far too many to list.

As for that infamous Taylor Swift "Imma let you finish" moment? Theorists believe it was an initiation ritual for Taylor Swift into the "circle of chosen artists." Bonus: Madonna is the "High Priestess" of that inner circle.
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So is Kanye REALLY in the Illuminati?!

Do you even have to ask? Just look at that imagery!

But really, Kanye is NOT Illuminati. He's addressed it multiple times, too.

First, Kanye was laughing about it with tweets like, "Is illuminati and devil worshipping like the same thing ... do they have a social network that celebs can sign up for?” Or even,“Question... can you devil worship on the new iphone??? LOL!!!”

Personal favorite: “What’s better for devil worshipping Iphone or the Droid... Does lucifer return text... is he or she on Skype? Don’t wanna be sexist.”

But that was in 2009; they've been deleted since then. These days, Kanye is tired of the Illuminati connection.

"I heard a comment — a joke — about the Tidal press conference being an Illuminati moment," Kanye wrote in Paper magazine. "If there was actually an Illuminati, it would be more like the energy companies. Not celebrities that gave their life to music and who are pinpointed as decoys for people who really run the world."

He added, "I'm tired of people pinpointing musicians as the Illuminati. That's ridiculous. We don't run anything; we're celebrities. We're the face of brands. We have to compromise what we say in lyrics so we don't lose money on a contract."

So that settles that. Kanye says he's not Illuminati. Or at the very least, he has no idea if he's in the Illuminati. That doesn't mean Kim isn't a member, though. JK!
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Theory: Whitney Houston was a sacrifice for Blue Ivy, who's named after Lucifer's daughter.

If you talk to an Illuminati truther, they'll tell you that Beyoncé and Jay Z are Illuminati, and their daughter is probably the spawn of Satan.

Evidence: Basically, conspiracy theorists think that at just 4 years old, Blue Ivy Carter is a member of the Illuminati.

Their evidence — aside from her highly suspicious parents who are probably agents of evil — all rests on her name. It's an anagram...of EVIL:

I.V.Y. = Illuminati's Very Youngest
B.L.U.E. = Born Living Under Evil

Also, Blue Ivy spelled backwards is Eulb Yvi, which theorists say is Latin for "Lucifer's Daughter."

If you need more proof than that, please note that she was born right when Whitney Houston died. Why? Because it was an Illuminati blood sacrifice ritual, of course. Also, Queen Elizabeth is somehow involved and they think she's Illuminati, too.
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So is Blue Ivy ACTUALLY evil?!

This isn't The Omen. This isn't Rosemary's Baby. This is a little girl who got a super-unique name from a mother with a super-unique name.

Turns out, "Eulb Yvi" isn't even a Latin word.

She's a little girl, okay? A LITTLE GIRL. Relax.
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Theory: Disney's Frozen is trying to brainwash your kids to be Illuminati puppets.

At this point, you must realize that nothing is safe from the Illuminati. Not even Princess Elsa.

Evidence: Guys, there are triangles EVERYWHERE in this movie, and if you haven't noticed, triangles are symbols of the occult. And it's not just mountains covered in snow. This website points out several examples throughout the film where there are triangle-shaped windows and faces.

There's magic in this movie, just like most Disney movies, and that's a red Illuminati flag. Magic isn't natural — it's the occult.

Frozen is a movie featuring lots of ice and snow. Illuminati conspiracy theorists have pointed out that most of the snowflakes in this movie are hexagrams, which also have a dark connection. They control demons and spirits.

Theorists also believe that a specific scene with Anna and Elsa's father resembles a Freemason ritual. There's also the necromancy theory — essentially that magic is used to bring Olaf to life.

There's also a conspiracy theory that Frozen is using subliminal messaging to push a secret homosexual agenda, hence songs like "Let It Go."
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So is Princess Elsa actually worshipping Satan?!

Look, Princess Elsa does have magical powers. She does make some magic snowflakes in the shape of hexagrams. Disney has been hit with symbolism theories before — and not all of them are innocent.

It's highly likely that there's some kind of "hidden message" in Frozen, but it's doubtful that the message is overtly sexual or satanic.

Isn't Frozen really about love? Isn't it about being yourself? Aren't we reading a little too much into a kids' movie?

As Elsa said, "Let it go."
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Theory: The Illuminati killed Aaliyah as a blood sacrifice.

Since Aaliyah's untimely death in 2001, there have been countless conspiracy theories. But few run as deep as the Illuminati sacrifice theory.

Evidence: The theory centers around three key players: Jay Z, Beyoncé, and Damon Dash. At the time of her death, Aaliyah was dating Dash, Jay Z's friend and colleague. Theorists believe that both Dash and Jay Z were already in the Illuminati and Aaliyah either wanted to get out of the secret society herself — or reveal the truth about it.

The Beyoncé connection has to do with their similar career trajectories. Beyoncé, like Aaliyah before her, has done some acting.

So what does the Illuminati have to do with Aaliyah and Beyoncé? Conspiracy theorists think that because Aaliyah hated the Illuminati and wanted to break free, she was selected to be a "blood sacrifice" so that Beyoncé could take her place and thrive as the ultimate queen of evil.

There's also a lot of numerology theories that come into play here. One of them being that Aaliyah died on August 25, 2001 — and in history, August 25, 1932, is the date Amelia Earhart completed her transcontinental flight.

In addition to this speculation, there's some creepy theories about Aaliyah's music. Her last song, "Rock The Boat," which happens to be the music video she was filming before her death, is suspected to have hidden messaging. So much so that believers have started playing her music backwards in videos. They think Aaliyah is saying, "Cannot be pushed," to the Illuminati.
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So did the Illuminati kill Aaliyah so Beyoncé can rule us all?!

It's such a horrible theory that it's not even funny.

Poor Aaliyah was killed because her plane was too heavy and her pilot was on drugs. Reports also say that the singer and her crew squeezed on the plane because they wanted to leave a day earlier than planned. Yes, this is major negligence — and that's why Aaliyah's family tried to sue Virgin records and the airline for allowing an unauthorized pilot to fly a severely overloaded plane.

The numerology theories also don't make sense. Because, really, what does Amelia Earhart in 1932 have to do with an R & B signer in 2001? Nothing. They were both on planes. That's about it. (Please note that Amelia Earhart's flight on August 25 was successful!)

When you play "Rock The Boat" backwards, it is creepy. But then again, most songs played backwards are creepy! Try playing Hannah Montana's "Best Of Both Worlds" backwards and see what happens! Also, does anyone really hear "Cannot be pushed" without someone first suggesting it as the lyrics? Doubtful.

Let's not mention the fact that Aaliyah and Beyoncé were friends (please see the GIF to your right). Beyoncé even commented on her death, saying Aaliyah, "Was the very first person to embrace Destiny's Child."

Beyoncé was already famous in 2001 thanks to a little band (you might have heard of it) called Destiny's Child — one of the top-selling girl groups of all time.

We need to let Aaliyah rest in peace and drop all the Illuminati theories.
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Theory: Beyoncé is the Illuminati Queen — and she's possessed by the demon "Sasha Fierce."

As far as the internet is concerned, Beyoncé and Jay Z are the King and Queen of the Illuminati, bathe in blood, and force celebrities to kill off their loved ones in sacrifice. Conspiracists believe that every hand gesture, every music video, every performance, and every public appearance points to their Illuminati membership in some way.

Evidence: There are few things in this world that were more evil than Beyoncé's 2013 Super Bowl performance. EVERYTHING about that performance was apparently a not-so-secret salute to Satan. Beyoncé's outfit? Made by the devil. Her dance moves? Just a send-off to Satan.

At one point, Beyoncé dances in front of a black-and-white background (which apparently is the most Illuminati color scheme, ever), before she is multiplied on a jumbo screen. Throughout the performance, there are multiple silhouettes and Beyoncés, which is all about the duality of man and alter egos, according to Illuminati truthers.

There's tons of fire — which you can probably guess is satanic. She also created a BLACKOUT. All the lights went out at the Superdome after she finished! Can you say Illuminati?

Plus, she flashes the pyramid symbol right in the middle of her performance to millions of viewers as a sign of allegiance.

In fact, Beyoncé often throws her hands up in a pyramid (the Great Seal) symbol and covers one eye with her hands, once again hinting at the all-seeing eye.

Beyoncé also uses the "double six" signs — also known as the "a-okay" — which theorists say is a sign of the devil.

There are also tons of videos online breaking down Beyoncé's music videos. Her "Telephone" video with Lady Gaga (former slave), "Single Ladies" video, and "Sweet Dreams" video have all been picked apart for weird symbols that suggest manufactured humans, devil horns, and lots of other demonic stuff. People also think that "Single Ladies" played backwards is basically telling people to bow down to Satan.

There's even a theory that Beyoncé is actually possessed by a demon (Sasha Fierce) when performing, especially during her Super Bowl performance in 2013, when her eyes reportedly turned black and she sneered, as demons do.

Also, everyone thinks she faked her pregnancy, because Illuminati.
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So IS Beyoncé a possessed Illuminati queen ushering in a "New World Order?!"

Look, if you were trying to find a queen to enslave the world, Beyoncé would be a fantastic choice! Who wouldn't follow Beyoncé down into the gates of hell? Or wear leather and lace corsets because she says it's okay? EVERYONE would do it.

Unfortunately, most of this evidence can be explained away.

First, hand signs don't necessarily mean demonic alliance. It's probably Beyoncé paying homage to Jay Z and Roc-A-Fella Records. That's why she, Jay, and Kanye (the holy trinity of Illuminati) use it all the time. Maybe Jay Z picked the symbol because he's in the Illuminati? Or more likely, he chose it because it's supposed to represent a diamond and it's a very cool hand sign. It is and he was right — that's why every celebrity does it.

Maybe Beyoncé is possessed by Sasha Fierce. If so, great demon name! Throwing a million 666 okay signs your way in support. But why would she go around telling people about it? Isn't the Illuminati supposed to be a secret?

It's more likely that Sasha Fierce is a persona, which is highly common among performers, who assume a role that matches the music they sing on stage. Sure, it's a little crazy, but no one said that creative people were totally normal.

Lastly, Beyoncé is at the center of every conspiracy theory. Why?

"There have always been questions and conspiracies about the structure and nature of power by African-Americans, and naturally, those questions have made their way into hip-hop," Marc Lamont Hill once told Philadelphia Weekly. "Powerless people tend to try and make sense of their circumstance in different ways."

He added: "Any time people have a large chunk of power, it’s reasonable and natural to believe they didn’t get it fairly.”

But guess what you guys? Beyoncé's been in dancing and signing in stilettos since she was 16 years old. She didn't get "Bootylicious" in the dictionary on luck alone. It was hard work and a LOT of Sasha Fierceness.
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