Is Beyoncé REALLY The Queen Of The Illuminati & Other Conspiracy Questions

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You've heard of the Beygency, right? It's the subject of a hilarious Saturday Night Live parody mocking an all-seeing organisation that will come for you if you trash talk Queen Beyoncé.
But what if there was a far more insidious organisation pulling the strings of our favourite pop diva? What if she was really just part of a massive conspiracy to control celebrities, politicians, and athletes, all while brainwashing normal people for world domination?
Enter: the Illuminati (which may have taken over the Cash Me Outside girl's Instagram).
Here's the truth: The Illuminati was once a real thing. It was a Bavarian secret society founded in 1776, organised like the Freemasons. It opposed the Roman Catholic Church's power and wanted to free itself from both the church and government restrictions.
The Order of the Illuminati became super popular — and grew from just five members to thousands. But the problem with popularity is that it's hard to remain secret. Eventually, secret societies were made illegal and punishable by death. This forced them to split up into smaller splinter groups. And while the Illuminati have reappeared in various forms over the years, it has never held the level of control control over society that conspiracy theorists believe.
Unfortunately, these facts haven't stopped the internet from conjuring up some of the most insane — and incredibly creative — Illuminati conspiracies ever, which are mostly fuelled by Christian fundamentalists who believe the Illuminati's New World Order would be a sign of the coming of the Antichrist.
But lots of people believe in this stuff. Like 23% of voters, actually. Just type "Beyoncé Illuminati" in Google and you'll get over a million hits.
Every celebrity you hold dear is an Illuminati. Every celebrity who's ever died a tragic death was murdered by the Illuminati. And it's all to bring in a "New World Order" — in secret (because not everybody needs to know your business).
So we decided to take a look at the craziest, wildest, most-insane Illuminati conspiracy theories, and fact-check them. No, we can't straight up call Beyoncé on the phone and ask if she worships Satan for her secret society the same way we can ask about a juice cleanse. But we've attempted to point out the fine line between logic and paranoia.

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