Why You’ll Never See Jennifer Lawrence’s Abercrombie Photos

Jennifer Lawrence is an Oscar-winning actress, but there was a time when she considered modeling. In an interview on British talk show The Graham Norton Show, Lawrence recounted a hilarious story about the time she almost landed an Abercrombie & Fitch modeling campaign. Abercrombie created a football-themed shoot. Football is right up Lawrence's alley of interests, so she signed on to participate. It was a disaster. "The other models are, like, playing football in a pretty way, but not me.” Lawrence said. “I’ve got a red face, covered in sweat, my nostrils are flaring.” Of course, Lawrence thought she'd nailed the shoot, so she was surprised when the photos were never released. “I did the whole campaign and the pictures never came out, and I didn’t know why,” Lawrence explained. “My agent wrote and asked why, and they literally only responded with the photos.” Suffice to say, a red, sweaty face isn't appealing for a modeling campaign. Only one photo survived the doomed Abercrombie shoot. It shows Lawrence smiling — without football or flaring nostrils in sight.

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