Lena Dunham's Biggest Beauty Mistake Still Haunts Her

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When Lena Dunham was in the seventh grade, she plucked off almost her entire eyebrows and proceeded to fill them in with a dark-brown eye pencil. It was the '90s, after all (1999, to be exact) — a decade when thin brows reigned supreme. The craze for Brooke Shields' bushy arches was a thing of the past, Cara D had yet to come on the scene (she was, oh, seven), and Dunham thought her look was "chic chic chic and adult adult adult."

In an Instagram post back in April, Dunham explains that her brows never quite "righted themselves" after her tweezer-happy childhood experience. Luckily, she discovered a miracle product by the name of RevitaBrow, which she credits for her new hairs sprouting up. But now, about seven months later, it looks like her eyebrow woes are still alive and well.

A photo posted by Lena Dunham (@lenadunham) on

Yesterday Dunham captioned a close-up selfie of her brows, "Work so hard on these motherfuckers and it's never enough." A bit dramatic, considering they look pretty thick compared to that earlier post. In her defense, though, regardless of how perfect everyone else may think our arches look, for brow-obsessives like us, they could always be better. Whether it's a wonky hair or the fact that they never, ever seem to look even, the struggle is real.

At least we have new innovations like tinting, extensions, and even eyebrow tattoos to get us through the dark times.

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