10 Fashion Trends You Should Retire In The New Year

It's funny what a decade can do to your feelings around clothes. You might have been all about the Marissa Cooper-approved low-rise flares and pointy pumps in the mid-2000s, but there's a reason you untagged all your photos from that era. You also might have gotten swept up in the American Apparel gold lamé leggings craze, Carrie Bradshaw-esque adult tutus, and sneaker wedges — and while you looked fresh to death then, hindsight has provided you with a little more clarity into the meaning of timelessness.
Trends aren't meant to last forever — hell, having an expiration date is built into the definition — and getting a kick out of our clothes in the moment is a good enough a reason to wear them. But there were a handful of fashion trends that made it big this year that should probably show themselves out at this point. You've served us well, $500 sweatshirt, but it's maybe time to retire.

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