30 Times A Celebrity Shocked Us On A Red Carpet In 2015

Photo: Jim Smeal/BEI/REX Shutterstock.
Red carpets can be such banal things. Step. Pose. Smile. Flash. Repeat. They’re considered a necessary evil, though. Celebrities showcase designers’ latest creations and provide insight into their latest projects. They might drop a fun soundbite or two that turns into a larger story. This year, campaigns like #AskHerMore and #SmartGirlsAsk tried to shake up the traditional red-carpet banter and provide more than just smiles, poses, and gowns.

Because the pre-event photography session is so formulaic, it’s a goddamn delight when a celebrity breaks loose and does something fun and out of the ordinary on the red carpet. Unfortunately, these photos are rarely the ones that make it to the pages of glossy magazines and you’ll never see them on the best- or worst-dressed lists. Chances are, they’re completely new to you.

Who doesn’t love photos of celebrities being totally ridiculous? Behold, some of the best from 2015's red carpets. 'Cause Will Smith and Debra Messing, you nasty.

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