The #AskHerMore Campaign: Or, Stop Asking Women What They’re Wearing

Awards shows are prime real estate for celebrity fashion. The hour of red carpet before the actual award-giving is all about glamour, but a Twitter campaign has people asking why reporters are talking to women only about things like their dresses, their diet, and how they got ready for the event.
The #AskHerMore campaign was started by the Representation Project, an organization that "uses film as a catalyst for cultural transformation" and "inspires individuals and communities to challenge and overcome limiting gender stereotypes." The campaign highlights a blatant problem in Hollywood in which women are asked not about their inspirations, achievements, or anything existential, but instead about who they're wearing.  
The hashtag was actually founded in February 2014, but gained more traction this year when Amy Poehler's Smart Girls began participating, specifically calling out E! for the kind of questions their reporters were asking women on the red carpet. (Upworthy made a convenient supercut of questions female celebs typically get.)
In case you don't typically watch the red carpet segment leading up to awards shows, one Twitter user broke down how the interviews for women typically go.
BuzzFeed took the initiative last year to ask Kevin Spacey the questions female celebrities normally get. The result is astounding. 
To read more about what people are saying in #AskHerMore campaign, find the latest tweets here. The Representation Project also has information on how you can promote the campaign during the next awards show. May we suggest the Grammy Awards on February 8? (BuzzFeed)

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