Details Emerge About Victims of Paris Attacks

Photo: Courtesy California State University, Long Beach
This is a breaking news story. More information will be added as it becomes available. For full coverage of the attacks on Paris, click here.
Nohemi Gonzalez
Nohemi Gonzalez, a 23-year-old college student from El Monte, CA, is one of the 129 victims in the Paris terror attacks. Gonzalez, a student at California State University Long Beach, was a design student studying abroad in France. "She was a great girl, one of the best," her aunt, Sandra Felt, told NBC News. "She planned her whole trip to Paris — always a go-getter, very organized person. She worked to save money for her trip." Gonzalez was a part of an exchange program that sent her to France to study design at the Strate School of Design, the Los Angeles Times reports. Her official cause of death has not been released. CSU Long Beach will hold a vigil for Gonzalez at 4 p.m. on Sunday.
“I'm deeply saddened by the news of the passing of Long Beach State University student Nohemi Gonzalez. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends during this sad time,” CSU Long Beach’s President Jane Close Conoley said in a statement. “Our university stands with our nearly 80 foreign exchange students from France as they struggle with this tragedy. We will extend all support necessary to comfort them. We will also extend support to all students, faculty, and staff who are in need.” Gonzalez was in Paris with three other students from CSU Long Beach. All of them are believed to be safe. In a Facebook status, Michael LaForte, a lecturer in Cal State Long Beach’s department of design, described Gonzalez as a “kind, thoughtful, generous, and talented student, dear to all who knew her. We grieve for her today and give our hearts to her grieving family and boyfriend.”
Elodie Breuil
Elodie Breuil, a 23-year-old college student from France, was killed in the Bataclan concert hall. Breuil was studying design at the École de Condé in Paris. Her brother, Alexis, told Time that his little sister and six friends went to see one their favorite bands, Eagles of Death Metal, on Friday night. Breuil had marched with her mother in a rally following the January attack on Charlie Hebdo. “They did it to show their support,” Alexis told Time.
Following Friday night's attack in Paris, the Breuil family spent the night searching for Elodie. They called her cell phone, only to receive no answer. It was around 5:30 p.m. local time on Saturday when the family was told that Elodie was dead. Her official cause of death has not been released. “I understand the anger. I’m not angry. Maybe I will be,” Breuil told Time just before learning of his sister's fate. "I want to show the other cheek. Instead of responding with violent acts we have to understand what is the cause of the problem and work together to try and prevent it.”
Asta Diakite
French soccer player Lassana Diarra posted on Twitter that his cousin, Asta Diakite, was one of the victims of Friday night's terror attacks in Paris. "As you perhaps already read I have been personally effected by these attacks my cousin Asta Diakitie was among the victims of one of the shootings that took place, just like hundreds of other innocent French people," Diarra wrote. He went on to say that Diakite was "a great support, a big sister" to him. Diarra was playing for France against Germany at the Stade de France as the attacks unfolded. "'In the climate of terror it's important for all of us, who are representatives of our country and its diversity, to speak up and stay united in the face of a horror which has neither colour nor religion," he wrote. "Together we must protect, love, respect and peace. Thank you to everyone for your updates and messages. Take care of you and yours, and may the victims rest in peace."
Nick Alexander
Nick Alexander, a British citizen, is also confirmed dead by the BBC. Time writes that Alexander was a crew member for Eagles of Death Metal, the band that was playing at the Bataclan when shooting broke out. He was killed as he was selling the band's merchandise. "It is with huge sorrow that we can confirm that our beloved Nick lost his life at the Bataclan," a family statement read. “Nick died doing the job he loved and we take great comfort in knowing how much he was cherished by his friends around the world.” His family described him as "generous, funny and fiercely loyal." His death sparked reactions from friends, including singer Yusuf Islam, known also as Cat Stevens, who said that Alexander had worked as a merchandiser on his tour in 2014.
Alexander was at the Bataclan with a friend, Helen Wilson, who told The Telegraph that he was shot right in front of her. She's currently recovering at a hospital after being shot in the legs. Alexander’s girlfriend, Polina Buckley, took to Twitter on Saturday to post a photo of the couple. "You are and always will be the love of my life, Nick Alexander," she wrote.
Djamila Houd
Djamila Houd, 41, was from Dreux, a town about 50 miles west of Paris. Dreux’s newspaper, L’Echo Republicain, confirmed Houd’s death (via the BBC). An article in the paper reads, “With her death, an entire generation of the people of Dreux has been deeply injured. All the mothers of families share Djamila's mother's pain.” Houd had worked for Isabel Marant. She was killed at a cafe on the rue de Charrone in Paris, according to the Associated Press.
Valentin Ribet
Valentin Ribet, 26, a London School of Economics business law graduate, was killed in the Bataclan concert hall. Ribet was employed in the Paris office of Hogan Lovells, an international law firm. The firm’s spokesman released a statement confirming Ribet’s death. “Hogan Lovells is greatly saddened by the loss of Valentin Ribet.” “Our hearts are filled with sadness at this news,” the London School of Economics said in a statement.
Lola Salines
On Saturday, a family member took to Twitter to confirm the death of Lola Salines. The roller derby player was killed at the Bataclan, where another teammate, Julie Gallerne, was injured, according to Buzzfeed. Her team, La Boucherie de Paris, wrote a statement, saying, "We are devastated to learn that Lola Salines, of La Boucherie de Paris Roller Derby, lost her life in the horrendous attacks in Paris last night. Lola's team mate, Julie Gallerne, was also at the Bataclan concert venue and is recovering from her injuries. We send such love to Julie and to all those who knew Lola, as well as to all those impacted by the terrorist atrocities that took place around the world yesterday, and every day before."
Patricia San Martin & Elsa Veronique Delplace San Martin
Chile's foreign ministry said two Chileans died in the attacks, but did not give details about where they died, according to BBC. Patricia San Martin was described in the statement as a "Chilean exile" and the niece of Chile's ambassador to Mexico, Ricardo Nunez. Her daughter, Elsa Veronique Delplace San Martin, was also killed.
Luis Felipe Zschoche Valle

Luis Felipe Zschoche Valle was a musician and had been living in Paris for eight years, according to La Tercera. He was at the Bataclan with his wife, who is French, the newspaper reported. He was a guitarist and member of the band Captain America.
Aurélie De Peretti
Aurélie De Peretti, a 33-year-old who grew up in Saint Tropez, was killed at the Bataclan during a weekend in Paris with friends. Her sister, Delphine, told The New York Times that Aurélie was fond of culture and music, and had been looking forward to the live performance. De Peretti says that she and her sister were very close, and grew up horseback riding and swimming. She told Time that they dreamed of having children that would be close cousins in the future. "I just cannot believe that I just lost a part of myself," she said.
Mathieu Hoche
Mathieu Hoche from France was a 38-year-old technician at the France 24 news channel. He was a passionate rock-’n’-roll fan, a friend told The Guardian. Houche's last Facebook post noted he was going to the Eagles of Death Metal concert. A colleague at France 24 said Hoche had a 6-year-old child, according to The Guardian.
Michelle Gil Jaimes
Michelle Gil Jaimes from Tuxpan, Mexico, was killed on Friday, the Associated Press reported. According to Mexican news outlet El Universal, she is the daughter of Pedro Gil, a local entrepreneur in the region.
Guillaume B. Dercherf
Guillaume B. Decherf was a 43-year-old writer who covered rock music for the French culture magazine Les Inrocks and also wrote for Rolling Stone. Decherf was attending the Eagles of Death Metal concert at the Bataclan just two weeks after writing about the band’s new album, according to the Associated Press. The Washington Post reports that a message posted Saturday on the Inrocks website noted that Decherf was the father of two daughters. “We are all devastated that he’s left us. Our thoughts are with his family and friends," Inrocks said in a statement.
Mohamed Amine Benmbarek
Mohamed Amine Benmbarek was a victim of Friday's terror attacks. His cousin, Akram Benmbarek, took to Facebook on Saturday to confirm his death.

I just learned that one my cousins was a victim in the #Paris attack. A newly wed Mohamed Amine Benmbarek passed away...

Posted by Akram Benmbarek on Saturday, November 14, 2015
He also said that Mohamed had just been married; his wife is in critical condition after being shot three times.
Thomas Ayad
Thomas Ayad, 34, was from Amiens, a town in northern France. He was in the Bataclan with two colleagues from Mercury Records when he was killed. An amateur hockey club in Amiens confirmed his death on Facebook. “It is with great sadness that we have learned of the death of Thomas Ayad in the terrible attacks on France last night. He wore the club jersey for several years and we will gather tomorrow [Sunday] at the club at 11:45 for a minute's silence and to pay tribute to him.”
Halima & Houda Saadi
Halima, 34, and her sister Houda, 33, were celebrating a friend's birthday when the attack began. Halima died at the scene, while her sister Houda died of injuries later. According to Radio SAWT, their brother was also with them, but managed to survive the attack. The Saadi sisters had been living in France after leaving their family behind in the Tunisian town of Menzel Bourguiba.
Marie Lausch & Mathias Dymarski
Maria Lausch moved to Paris to be with her boyfriend, Mathias Dymarski. The couple was killed during the Eagles of Death Metal show at the Bataclan on Friday night.
Kheireddine Sahbi
The Algerian Press Service confirmed the death of 29-year-old Kheireddine Sahbi. Sahbi was a violinist living in Paris while he studied music.
Maxime Bouffard
Filmmaker Maxime Bouffard was killed at the Bataclan on Friday night. He had grown up in Dorgone, but had lived in Paris for several years.
Ionut Ciprian Calciu & Mariana Lacramioara Pop
BFM TV reported that Ionut Ciprian Calciu, 32, and Mariana Lacramioara Pop, 29, were killed on Friday night. The couple from Romania met in France. According to friends on social media, the couple was killed by a drive-by shooter. The couple had a young son, and Pop had a daughter, according to Buzzfeed.
Sadly, more people are being added to this list with each passing day. Some haven't yet been identified. For example, a Portuguese man, whose name has not been released, was confirmed dead by the Portuguese government, as well. The 63-year-old was killed in an explosion near Paris’ soccer stadium.

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