Athleisure Is Officially Entering The Dictionary, So We’re Officially Updating It

If you're up to date with the fashion lexicon even a little bit, you've heard of athleisure. And for anyone who hasn't, the dictionary's got your vocab lesson right this way. Come 2016, the trend that's made sports-inspired apparel something not meant for just the gym is dropping into Merriam-Webster's dictionaries.
Ever notice that sweatpants suddenly seem chic? That's practically the definition of athleisure. And while we surmise the literal definition will be along those lines, we're ready to take athleisure to the next level.
The new athleisure is so much more than simply wearing a regular, old piece of gym clothing, like a sweatshirt or sneaker, as part of your everyday wardrobe. It's about finding individual items that integrate an athletic ethos — or silhouette or fabric — into a place it wouldn't naturally be.
To help you achieve your athleisure A-game, we've compiled 10 picks that will allow you to seamlessly get ahead of the trend. We bet you won't find this advice in Merriam-Webster.

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