What A 1%er Wedding Looks Like

Mason jars and fairy lights? Cute, but they barely make a dent in the super-sized budgets some couples have set for their big days. No, a "real" wedding apparently calls for ice sculptures, couture wedding gowns, fireworks, foie gras starters, and Lionel Richie personally on hand to serenade the couple during their first dance.
Think we're exaggerating? Think again. Several well-known couples have spent the equivalent of a small country's GDP on their big day. Far-flung destinations, superstar entertainers, and the most regal wedding wear can all contribute to a bill that would make even Donald Trump balk. And, as Kim Kardashian's first wedding (which clocked in at the $10-million mark) showed us, expensive nuptials aren't guarantees of everlasting domestic bliss.
So when it comes to your own wedding, you may opt for a city hall ceremony and your brother-in-law's garage band — but these couples didn't.

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