Why I’ll Only Use The Dye-Free Beautyblender

I don't know a beauty editor that couldn't wax poetic about the Beautyblender. It's a simple, egg-shaped sponge, yet it's the tool that has changed how nearly every professional makeup artist does makeup. There's no wrong way to use it and it can create foolproof results in a snap — just check out our guide on the subject for proof. But in what I once joked was "a cruel twist of beauty-editor fate," it's always made me break out. First off: I do not have sensitive skin, which I've attested to here, but for some reason, no matter how well I cleaned my squishy pink sponge, I would get bumps and blemishes after using it. That was, until one fateful day on set (sponge realizations are very dramatic, don't you agree?) when I noticed makeup artist Amy Nadine using a white Beautyblender. After 20 questions, I realized she had clients with the same issues as me, so to play it safe, she switched to the dye-free version. After a little more research, I learned that the white, or Pure, Beautyblender is exactly the same as the colorful version, but sans dye. Designed for applying skin-care products, it's also recommended for applying makeup for those with sensitive skin. A quick trip to Sephora and I am break-out-free after an entire month of use. It turns out, it's not all in my head: "It is a possibility," Dr. Ronald Moy, Los Angeles-based dermatologist, cosmetic surgeon, and vice president of the Skin Cancer Foundation, told me when I presented him with my hypothesis this week. "It’s better to use things with minimal ingredients; and while not often, as a dermatologist, I do see people who are allergic to everything from red dye to just a single preservative." While I haven't had an allergy test, the proof for me is in my clear skin. But I must warn you, there is one drawback: The white sponge is very easily stained. (Which is probably one of the reasons the brand decided to color its sponges.) Luckily, it's my flawless foundation that I'm more concerned about, not the stains on my sponge. So for me, it's dye-free all the way. Do you have sensitive skin? Would you try the Pure? Tell us in the comments!

Beautyblender Pure, $20, available at Sephora.

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