Leah Remini’s Book Makes Claims About TomKat Wedding & Nicole Kidman

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Leah Remini's 20/20 special may have been just the tip of the iceberg as far as the actress' forthcoming revelations about the Scientology community. The NY Daily News obtained a copy of Remini's new tell-all, Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology, ahead of its release on November 3. Though Refinery29 has yet to preview the book, the Daily News reports that the volume contains some shocking allegations about Scientologist Tom Cruise and his family. According to Remini, Cruise's adopted children, Bella and Connor, were vocal about their rift with their mother, Nicole Kidman. Remini says she asked the children if they kept in touch with the actress while sharing a car ride following Cruise's wedding to Katie Holmes. “Not if I have a choice,” Bella Cruise allegedly responded. “Our mom is a fucking SP.” "SP" stands for "suppressive person" in Scientology terms. Remini also claims that a 7-month-old Suri Cruise was left to sit on a bathroom floor and cry during a pre-wedding dinner, as three Scientology handlers watched helplessly. At the wedding itself, the former King of Queens star writes that Holmes was 20 minutes late to the ceremony, prompting Remini's pal Jennifer Lopez to ask if the bride was going to show up at all. Remini also says she was snubbed at the receiving line for her failure to pressure Lopez into becoming a Scientologist. She claims that church reps constantly worked to keep her separated from Lopez during the star-studded wedding. The book also includes allegations that Scientology officials acted inappropriately during the reception, with officiant Norman Starkey "humping Brooke Shields on the dance floor." Remini's own behavior at the event prompted a complaint from bride Holmes, who accused her of making "the party all about herself," in a note Remini says looked like it was "written by a seventh grader." Ahead of the 20/20 special, Holmes said, "I regret having upset Leah in the past, and wish her only the best in the future." Clearly, there's no love lost here.

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