31 Awesome Photos That Redefine Cat Lady

In her photo series "Girls and Their Cats," BriAnne Wills seeks to highlight fashionable women and their felines — the Holly Golightlys of the cat-owning set, rather than the Angela Martins. (Not that there's anything wrong with the Angelas. We love her!)
"I'm just looking for cute, stylish, interesting, unique girls who make cat ladies look good," Wills told Refinery29.
When Wills (who has shot for R29) moved to New York City from Portland, OR, last year, she was looking to make friends through a photography project. She initially planned to shoot nudes, but when one of the women she was shooting had a cat, Wills changed her course.
"Cats are just so funny," she said. "You have to work for their love and their attention."
Wills isn't overly concerned what the cats looks like. She's more interested in drawing out her human subjects' personal style. But it's the cats, not the women, who tend to be divas during the shoots. "It’s the most challenging job I’ve ever had," Wills shared. "Only a handful of them have been cooperative." Wills now brings cat treats. "If they're motivated by food it makes it a lot easier," she said.
Wills has been taking these photographs for almost a year, shooting women in both New York and Oregon. She has been chronicling the experience on Instagram and Facebook.
Here are 31 of our favorite shots from the ongoing series.

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