Laura Prepon On Her Weight Struggles & How She Finally Regained Control

Photo: Matthew Baron/BEImages.
Note: This story was originally published on October 29, 2015.
By her own account, Laura Prepon has struggled with her weight — and body image — for the better part of the last two decades. “When I got into my 20s, my body started, like, revolting against me and I was gaining weight and I was always inflamed and I had no energy,” the Orange Is the New Black actress, who is 35, told People.

“I spent thousands of dollars getting my body tested, and nobody could figure out what was wrong with me, and this went on for years,” she added. Prepon says that she tried everything to regain control, but always came up short — until she met integrative nutritionist Elizabeth Troy, who helped her finally find a food strategy that made he feel good again.

Prepon told the magazine that Troy described her liver and gallbladder as "stuck" and not able to process "nutritious" food, and that's what kept her from both shedding pounds and achieving her health goals. From there, the duo developed a new strategy for the actress' eating habits. These days, she sticks to GMO- and gluten-free food and follows the "80/20 rule," which means that she does still indulge from time to time.

“I put brown sugar in my tea. There’s nothing wrong with sugar. You have to be able to have fun and live your life," she explained. And if you're intrigued by this particular food philosophy, you'll be glad to know Prepon and Troy literally wrote a book about it: The Stash Plan.
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