9 Surprising Apps Inspired By Tinder

Tinder is one of the most influential new apps in recent years, and not just because it's made hooking up so much easier — or connected some lucky users with their soul mates. Tinder's super-simple premise — swipe right if you like, swipe left if you don't — has inspired and spawned dozens of imitators. And some of these apps are entirely unexpected.

You can swipe right for just about anything at this point. There's a Tinder for dogs. There's a Tinder for looping video battles. There's even a Tinder for pot smokers. If you can boil an idea down into choosing one thing over another, you've got yourself an app (or so it would seem).

We've rounded up nine of the newest, weirdest, and most entertaining Tinder-style apps out there. Read on to find out if you're missing some much-needed swiping action in your life.

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