Lena Dunham Really Doesn’t Care What You Think About Her Onesie

Leave it to Lena Dunham to create a body positivity moment out of a paparazzi shot. Dunham was snapped in this patterned Mara Hoffman jumpsuit on Saturday, and the next day, The Daily Mail posted a slew of photos of Dunham in the “eye-sorer one piece.” The paper also not-so-nicely points out Dunham’s “very laid back approach to her appearance,” replete with a makeup-free face and “makeshift bun.” (Aren't buns by nature just a makeshift way to get hair off your face, anyway?) Dunham’s response on Instagram couldn’t have been better: “What the Daily Mail calls an eyesore I call a damn dream, @marahoffman This onesie takes me from @tracyandersonmethod to brunch to fetal position and I couldn't feel more heroic. Was literally psyched about the paparazzi photo so I would have evidence of it.” Granted, tagging said onesie’s designer and Dunham’s pre-brunch boutique fitness studio of choice feels a little gratuitous. But Dunham cleverly took aim at how paparazzi shots of female stars are seen as fair game for nasty fashion policing — and why that’s not okay. It's also further evidence that Dunham has a DGAF approach to personal style. That's always something we can get behind, especially for someone who's built a solid track record of quirky, often conversation-starting sartorial choices. You can always count on Dunham to validate your own schlubby weekend wear — or unapologetically makeup-smudged face. A few months ago, Dunham's contribution to the #WokeUpLikeThis Instagram canon of deceptively fresh-faced early-a.m. photos was the most legit, resonant shot around.
The post already has over 61,000 likes with (mostly) positive comments, like “You look amazing and I'm getting that onesie!!”; “@lenadunham you look fucking amazing, can't nobody hold you down.” Or this one complete with a hashtag: “#dailyhate...you go girl...all women should celebrate being healthy and happy...there is no one size fits all, thank goodness!” Also, props to Dunham for being totally transparent about just how much multitasking one outfit is capable of: A workout/brunch/naptime get-up is basically the dream, isn’t it?

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