Let’s Make This Happen: Two-Cent Zip Ties As Fashion Accessories

Nothing super-complicated about this one: Designer Christopher Kane made fashion accessories out of those plastic ties you use to bundle together wires and cables behind your TV. Tied around wrists and ankles, looped into D-rings on clutches, attached to ponytails, worn as chokers, looped around shoulder straps, and strung through grommets to nip waists and keep sleeves up, they made colorful pops all over his LFW collection. And, they come in bundles of 500 for $12 (that's around two cents each).
The idea of restraint and chaos was one that permeated his spring 2016 collection. Despite the colorful, kooky world that Kane likes to create, there was an underlying theme of disorder, turmoil, and clinical sterility. According to the press release, the collection evolved “from a tumultuous period in Christopher and [sister] Tammy Kane’s lives. Looking at the idea of damage and repair — a psychological damage as much as a material one, the collection draws upon destruction to create something new.”
Obviously, there's a safety concern here — in creating your new look, it's best not to inadvertently destroy yourself along the way. With interlocking, one-way teeth that let you tighten the ties but not loosen them, it's not exactly the best idea to wear them around your neck or appendages if you don't have an exit strategy (a pair of scissors) close by. But as far as cheap, oddball fashion trends go, we have a good feeling that this will make its way viral within the next year.

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