Taco Bell’s Newest Creation Is…Interesting

Taco Bell knows full well how to pull on the heartstrings of broke food lovers with less-than-sophisticated palates. Last year, the fast-food chain launched a mobile app for pickup orders — all the quicker to get your $1 bean burrito. This summer, the franchise made college students happy with the launch of a delivery service — all the easier to get your hands on the grub, sans any effort whatsoever. Now, depending on your point of view, it's either sending hearts a flutter or raising eyebrows with its newest innovation. Introducing: the taco shell made out of fried chicken. As Foodbeast reports, someone tweeted a photo of the concoction with the caption: "yo @tacobell I found a location that had a taco shell made out of chicken — it was so good. Any more info on this?" The photo below confirms that this is not, in fact, a drill. Dubbed the Naked Crispy Chicken Taco, so far it's only been spotted in Bakersfield, CA, and nearby Lost Hills. So, we're dying to know, Angelenos: Would you drive approximately 150 miles north to try the curious creation? As for the rest of you: Is your verdict yum or nasty? Tell us in the comments below!