The Biggest Labor Day Sales You Need To Shop, Right Here

While it may feel like summer is slipping through our hands, there are a few more milestones we still get to enjoy before we have to unpack our winter coats, sobbing through the process (what — just us?). Thankfully, one of those moments is happening this weekend. Labor Day is all about maximizing your time in the sun, with your buds, with a cold one in your hand. And when there's a lull in the conversation, Labor Day is also about squeezing in a little online shopping and taking advantage of all the bonkers-good sales going on.
Labor Day sales are an amazing mash-up of summer collection clean-outs and pre-fall pieces. Meaning: They provide the perfect opportunity to finally pick up those summer item at a steep, steep discount, while also buying yourself something nice to wear once it gets cooler out.
And, to save you the trouble of surfing through an inbox of endless promo emails, we've put together a list of all the LBD sales worth scoping out. Seriously — you've heard this story about Dave's weird trip to New Orleans before. Let's do a little sale-shopping instead!