21 Of New York’s Most Eligible Bachelors

Life in New York City is all about uncovering hidden gems. Whether it's the latest, must-visit eatery, the up-and-coming neighborhood (where rents aren't yet laughably unaffordable), or the cult fitness craze sweeping the boroughs —here, the focus is always on new discoveries. Unsurprisingly, the same goes for dating.
And while it may be fun to hunt for the "next best thing" when it comes to food or fashion, searching for the Harry to your Sally in the midst of a too-fast-paced, can't-keep-up New York can feel like the odds are definitely not in your favor. There are, after all, not only tons of options to sift through, but an array of factors constantly stepping in between you and the potential love of your life (hello, work, friends, finances, and way, way more).
In short, dating in New York can be exhausting. That's why, we've helped do (some of) the legwork for you. We've sifted through the millions of eligible guys in the Big Apple, and narrowed it down to 21 of the most adorable, datable bachelors around. Consider your preliminary work done. As for the pick-up lines and date planning? Well, we'll leave what comes next up to you.