This Drone Video Reveals A Side To L.A You’ve Never Seen

Blame it on the 9-to-5 grind, but sometimes just being in L.A. feels like an uphill battle. That starry-eyed excitement of living among the Hollywood elite? Yeah, it pretty much vanishes after your first bumper-to-bumper commute. But then, just because it's hard to appreciate the city in our day-to-day lives doesn't mean there isn't a lot to love. Enter: drones. Yep, leave it to the sometimes controversial (and at times dangerous) piece of technology to restore your faith in the City of Angels. Local videographer Ian Wood set out to explore our city from above, and the result is a stunning video that shows L.A. in its best light. He left no stone unturned, capturing every iconic spot from the Griffith Observatory to the Walt Disney Concert Hall — and, of course, the Hollywood Sign. Peep the video below (in full-screen with the volume on!) to watch Los Angeles like you've never seen it before.