Want To Learn To DJ? There’s A Camp For That

Photo: PYMCA/REX Shutterstock.
If you've ever jammed out to Calvin Harris at EDC or donned your best neon outfit for Hard Fest, you have Paul Oakenfold to thank. Dubbed the "Godfather of Electronic Music," he's recognized as one of the pioneers of the EDM industry. And now, he can help you earn your DJ chops if you fancy yourself the next Avicii. Oakenfold has started a DJ camp in Los Angeles set to kick off in September. And yes, it's exactly what it sounds like — just swap cabins and canoes with basslines and mash-ups. For five days, budding DJs and producers can learn from the industry's top talent. "It’s very exciting to see where the electronic industry has taken artists," Oakenfold told us. "But there’s really no clear path for somebody that is starting out." Thus, the DJ camp was born. In this era of Internet fame, you're probably familiar with the DJ-slash-model-slash-blogger hybrids, but Oakenfold is quick to dispel the myth that anyone can be a DJ. "[That's] not the case!" he says. "You want to be a DJ? It takes hard work, an ear for music, natural ability, and most of all proper guidance. Formal training is going to cut years off of hard knocks and get right to teaching students the key elements of having a career in this business." Expect to hear from talented speakers — including Daft Punk's former agent — in-studio demonstrations, one-on-one instruction, and more. And whether or not you're vying for a spot behind the ones and twos at Hard Fest, his advice for industry hopefuls is applicable to any job. "Like any career, there will be roller-coaster rides. Feast or famine. The hardest thing is not quitting during the famine." Just think: If Calvin Harris gave up on his career years ago, he never would have nabbed Taylor Swift. Food for thought, guys.