You Have To See These Endangered Species Projected Onto The Empire State Building

In what has to be the coolest way to draw attention to a cause, NYC's Empire State Building was turned into a 40-story canvas Saturday night.
Bringing to life manta rays, blue whales, wolves, tigers, and some of the world's most threatened species, dozens of these majestic creatures were projected hundreds of feet above the streets of New York City in the hope of provoking both discussion and change regarding endangered wildlife.
Hoping to shed some light on mass extinction practices, Academy Award-winning director Louie Psihoyos and visual artist Travis Threlkel created a documentary, Racing Extinction, that will air on the Discovery Channel in December.
The duo has faith that this "projection event" will serve as a catalyst, opening people's eyes to the real beauty around us on this planet.
The project seems especially timely after the recent poaching of Cecil the lion by an American dentist. Ahead you'll find these animals in all their glory. We dare you not to be awestruck.