These 8 Children's Books From The '90s Deserve Their Own Movie

The first full trailer for the Goosebumps movie has dropped, bringing all your childhood nightmares to life. Consider this a nice reprieve from your adult nightmares. After all, evil garden gnomes are far less scary than student loans.

While it may seem like the string of kids and YA books receiving their own film adaptation is endless, not enough attention is being paid to the classic kids books of the '90s. Granted, The Giver was an obvious misstep.

There's a little bit of every genre in this round-up of eight '90s books and series alone, from sci-fi to comedy to female driven action and adventure (there is, after all, going to be a Katniss-shaped hole in film after this November). Maybe it's time for Hollywood to take a brief break from pouring over new manuscripts and take a tip from the internet and bet on nostalgia.

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