Limited Too Is Coming Back! Here Are What We Hope Will Be Making Their Return With It

The world is about to get a lot more glittery. Limited Too — the tween retailer responsible for your first forays into crop tops, marabou pens, and jelly accessories — is coming back. Heaven on Earth (or at least, in the mall) for '90s and early 2000s tweens, the purple and fuzzy monuments to their youth disappeared in 2008 as the now-twentysomethings watched on. Ralph Gindi, co-owner of brand management company Bluestar Alliance, who just bought Limited Too from the parent company that owns The Limited, Sun Capital Partners (yes, big sis The Limited and little sis Limited Too are officially not talking anymore), told the New York Post that he wants to "bring it all back." And as adults who might have grown out of pink satin flares in a children's size 12, we might not have grown out of everything, so this promise for a full resurrection is pretty exciting. Plus, our paychecks are a little more hefty than the allowances we used to get. And even if trends, tech, and tweens have gotten more sophisticated in the past 15 years, here are the OG Limited Too products we're looking forward to revisiting the most. Popcorn Shirts
Is it a doll shirt or is it your shirt? Answer: It can be whatever you need it to be. It's not often that the top you throw on in the morning is truly magical and gives your torso a nice, symmetrically bumpy look, but that popcorn shirt will give you all that and more. This was probably the most honest (and first!) version of the one-size-fits-all top now commonly found at teen brands.
Hit Clips
Hit clips are truly the dream of the distracted, because who has time to listen to an entire song when you're just there for the chorus? And though your musical preferences are all within the Apple Music library, a quick look at the hit clips hanging off the new kid's backpack will tell you if she's all about S Club 7 or O-Town.
Room Doorbells
At 11, a butterfly- or a crown-shaped doorbell was all about asserting your authority over your space, making sure you had warning before your parents barged in and interrupted your journaling. Now it could be a more pointed way of letting your roommate know access to your room is on an invite-basis only. Lizzie McGuire Outfits
Lizzie McGuire and Co. were the most stylish young women of the early 2000s. Pair glitter jeans with a pink camo top and a bandana that's actually just a single triangle of cloth held by a string? Classic.

"Sports" Clothing
Sure, you might have a couple team jerseys or spirit gear in your closet, but do you have anything that proclaims your general love of just football? Or just swim? We might love our Team USA women's soccer jerseys, but if you were a real soccer fan, you needed it written proudly on your butt in purple rhinestones. Things That Look Like Cell Phones But Aren't
In many ways, your iPhone is an upgrade from your flip phone, with one notable exception: It doesn't flip. It doesn't flip when you're bored waiting in line or when you want to play with your hair but don't want to be a hair-twirler. Luckily, Limited Too always stocked plenty of items that looked like flip phones but had way better bonus features, like lip gloss.

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