Scary! Gigi Hadid Selling NYC Apartment After Crazed Stalker Breaks In

Photo: Rex USA.
Talk about terrifying. Gigi Hadid has been forced to flee her luxury Manhattan apartment after her stalker successfully broke in, TMZ reports. Marcell Porter, a man obsessed with the supermodel, was arrested on June 29 after several attempts to enter her $2.45 million Soho home. At one point, Porter was reportedly able to get past Hadid's building security and into her apartment. He has since been charged with one count of fourth-degree stalking. Porter, who appears to be a trumpet player, had also been sending Hadid lovelorn messages on Facebook, expressing his intense desire to meet her. Photos of the blonde "Bad Blood" star appear on his Facebook page. A Hawaii news station also listed him among "Hawaii's Most Wanted" following two 2011 warrants. Understandably, the incident has left Hadid shaken. She has reportedly moved out of the apartment and listed it for sale. Here's hoping she's able to find a more private, safer home with tighter security.