A Look Back At Taylor Swift’s Love Affair With Skater Skirts

Taylor Swift is all about her signatures. The matching sets we've grown accustomed to seeing her wear around Tribeca, the painted-red pout that makes a cameo in many of her song lyrics, the jealousy-inducing squad she's surrounded herself with — hey, the girl knows what she likes. This understanding of what works rings most true in Swift's large collection of skater skirts, amassed carefully over time. Long before the coordinated separates came the free-spirited mini skirts themselves, infinitely versatile and endlessly playful in their shape. They may just be Taylor's greatest hit. (Gasp! We kind of mean it.)
Whether it's the better half of one of her sets or the cheap thrill she can't get enough of (that's right — our girl frequents H&M and Urban Outfitters, just like the rest of us), Swift proves that a skater skirt may secretly be the most adaptable piece in your wardrobe. The proof's in the outfits — and we rounded up 10 of them, so you can see the magic for yourself.