Why This Kim Kardashian Slut Shaming Incident Is Not Okay

Kim Kardashian gets hit with a lot of nasty vitriol about pretty much everything – her career, her fashion choices, her parenting decisions, even her Instagram edits — the last of which prompted the famous "Can I live?" tweet. But this is particularly egregious. Based on this photo, it looks like someone took a still from Kim's sex tape, put it on a flag and waved it during Kanye West's set at the Glastonbury Music Festival. This is not an okay thing to do.
People hate Kim and all of the Kardashians for many reasons – they’re famous for being famous, they don't "do anything," they seem shallow on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. But the reason for hating Kim that pops up the most is the notion of the “fame-whore." The implication that Kim made her money and fame the wrong way—through her sexuality. Yes, Kim Kardashian made a sex tape with her boyfriend at the time. Yes, it was leaked and seen by most of the world already. But when someone takes it upon themselves to use a woman's body and sexual acts against her — and against her husband — it tells all women that they have no ownership over their own bodies and that they should be shamed for having a sexual past. It is not okay. That someone went to the lengths to make this flag, carry it to an outdoor festival and wave it during her husband's performance shows how prevalent the culture of shaming women for sexuality truly is. Can she (and all women) live? Kim Kardashian's Makeup Artist Is Making People Mad
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