This Is The Armani Foundation Kim Kardashian Wants Back

Yesterday, Kim Kardashian experienced the true grief of a makeup junkie: having a product discontinued. (And a foundation at that, which is basically the worst.) But since she’s Kim Kardashian, she did what only Kim Kardashian can do: tweet the designer himself and get him to send her some more — along with a handbag and some shoes, maybe?

Just one problem. She spelled his name — that would be Giorgio Armani — "Georgio." And anyone who’s been on the receiving side of a bad cover letter knows that if you want someone to give you something, you always, always, always spell their name right.

In the tweet exchange heard 'round the world, the person running the Giorgio Armani Twitter account swiftly replied with the most side-eye we’ve seen in 140 characters. "@KimKardashian Dear Kim - let us know which one you need and we'll send it to you. And Mr. Armani's first name is Giorgio."

Kim responded, blaming pregnancy brain and lack of sleep for the mishap (she did just take her toddler to Disneyland — girl needs to rest). But we are focusing on the wrong issue here, people. Which foundation is Armani discontinuing? Is it Luminous Silk? Because I might be tempted to tweet some misspelled expletives myself if that’s the case.

We reached out to the brand, and it confirmed that the base in question is Giorgio Armani Designer Shaping Cream Foundation, a light-to-medium-coverage, creamy base. The brand didn't disclose why it's discontinuing the foundation, but representatives did suggest Armani's newest launch, Crema Nuda, as a similar alternative. That foundation, which launched this year, is a hybrid skin-care/makeup product that has buildable coverage, is chock-full of hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid and mannose, and costs exactly $200.

Are you sad to see the Designer Cream Sculpting Foundation go? Do you know a good dupe for it? Let us know in the comments below!

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