Loved, Lost, Remembered: 25 Beauty Products We Want Brought Back To Life

Passing a certain spot or getting a whiff of a specific scent can evoke vivid memories in an instant — and, in this material world we live in, a product can have that same power. But, many of the things we once used (and loved) are no longer with us (RIP, little buddies), especially when it comes to our beauty routines. Whether it's a shampoo with the visceral fortitude to take you back to your teenage years or a lip gloss that was so damn good you just can’t wrap your head around why it was discontinued, we all have a goodie or two we wish we could bring back from the grooming grave.
And, this doesn’t just go for us beauty fanatics — we polled the R29 office and found quite a few staffers who wish they could resuscitate their long-gone go-tos. So, we give you 25 revival-worthy products — hopefully they will serve up a healthy dose of nostalgia, and a gentle nudge to the companies that rendered them extinct. Hey, if Full House gets another go at it…   

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