Celebrate Father’s Day With The #HotDadsofWholeFoods

With Father's day fast-approaching, some fun, timely gems are popping up online, but this one takes the cake. Have you heard of the Instagram account @hotdadsofwholefoods? Currently, it's a tiny effort, with only a few photos posted, but the idea is huge.
Whole Foods stores across the country are teeming with attractive (but not painfully stylish) men, who may or may not be fathers. These men however at least look like the fantasy husbands who'd run out to fetch organic strawberries, chemical-free diapers, and craft beer for us day or night. After a bit of sleuthing, we discovered that the brains behind this account are L.A.-based Youtube vloggers Karla Gregg and David Camarena. It's actually pretty hilarious to watch Gregg struggle with how to stalk a dad in the grocery store and snap his photo on the down-low.
She told Refinery29 that she came up with the idea when she was a personal assistant. "I was required to shop for my bosses' groceries on a daily or weekly basis," she says. "Being in the area of Hollywood, I would see a handful of attractive men who I wondered if they were single, married, or had kids." As a follower of the Dilfs of Disneyland account, Gregg realized she had another golden idea on her hands and got Camarena involved.
She isn't posting so much anymore, because she's not a personal assistant, and, let's face it, Whole Foods is expensive. But we ask, what of your greater service to the rest of us? Like MenandCoffee, HotDudesReading, and MecsMetroParis before it, this should be viral. To this end, perhaps we should all be out there subtly snapping pics of unsuspecting dad shoppers in droves? If you're not taking your dad out for Father's Day, consider this your mission. We've even inspired Gregg to get back out there. Our work here is nearly done.

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