Happy Father’s Day To Our Favorite TV Dads

Photo: Courtesy of FOX.
There's nothing quite like a strong father figure on a TV show. He can solve any problem in 22 minutes. He invites a boy from Chino who he met in juvie into his home, and his family becomes complete. He tells his kids a long, confusing story about how he met their mother. He leads an underdog football team to state championships, and then relocates to Pennsylvania so his wife can pursue her dreams. Through it all, he's got everyone's back — even when he may be doubting himself.
This Father's Day, we're celebrating the TV dads who have always been there. From the wise to the wise-cracking, these proud pops were always on-hand to help their loved ones with whatever life threw at them. If they were real people, we'd present all of them with cheesy ties in honor of the occasion. Instead, let's all have an imaginary burger from Bob's to celebrate these fine fictional fathers.

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