Men & Coffee Instagram: A Brew We Can Sip On All Day Long

Quick, name two of your favorite things in the world. Is
there an Instagram account devoted to them yet? If you said "men and
coffee," then your wish has been granted.

Anyone know who this hunk is? #menandcoffee

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The account has been up since November (with a hat tip to
People for pointing it out today), and already it's making mornings — and
afternoons and nights — so much more delicious for more than 64,000 followers. It is
exactly as advertised: photos of beautiful men, often shirtless, holding the
sweet, steaming nectar of the gods. Some of them are sipping in the comfort of
their living rooms. Others are the guys who brew cups for others from behind
the counters of painfully hip cafes. Sometimes, there are also dogs.


It doesn't get much better than this.. #menandcoffee

A photo posted by M E N & C O F F E E (@menandcoffee) on

Unlike that other wish-granting Instagram,  Hot Dudes Reading,
many of these photos appear to be posed either specifically for this purpose or
for more profitable modeling gigs. While the Hot Dudes Reading are usually
unaware of their admirers snapping away discreetly on the subway, these guys know
all eyes are on them...and the mugs in their hands. There is also a Women and Coffee version gaining momentum since its launch in February.

 Which is your preferred
brand of voyeurism? You don't have to choose.      

Photo by @achino247 #menandcoffee

A photo posted by M E N & C O F F E E (@menandcoffee) on

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